Wednesday, March 13, 2013

....and we're caught up.

So I knocked off a great chunk of letters and envelopes that have found their way into my mailbox, and then my house. Followed closely by a binder or a box. Luckily, and I only say that in regard to this post, I didn't receive anything today. Unfortunately, I also didn't receive anything today. But I am digressing. I talked about the bulk of the smaller envelopes yesterday, and I have just two final trades to talk about today, but the packages certainly had far more meat to them.

Strap yourself in, cuz when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you are going see some serious sh*t.

Wanna see my jiggawatt?

First is Kerry from Cards on Cards. Not to be confused with Pat. At all. Kerry took the time to just drop some cards on me. I don't think there was any rhyme or reason. Maybe I sent Kerry something. Maybe I am delirious. What do you think, my wonderful, loving wife?

 I vacuumed the pool, snuggie wumpkins.

While the quantity was small, Kerry nailed it when it came to quality. Check out these four from the dozen or so he sent.

Relics! Josh was a lot of hype and then a lot of nothing. Jose helped us to a division title in 2003. 

Now there are two sweet rookie cards. Ozzie is from the Traded set of that year. And I am slowly pulling in every rookie card of Sale. I should just make him a player collection and be done with it. Thanks a bunch, Kerry. I am sure I'll have something for you soon. 

The other package to highlight came from Dustin at Cool Veal & the Vealtones. Dustin made an ask about something from my trade bait page, and all know how that spirals. Next it's a couple set fillers. Then you are scoring foil inserts in a dark alley behind the 7/11. Before you know it, you are face down in the gutter free-basing red bordered parallels. 

Your urine contains trace amounts of Bip Roberts' rookie cards.

Dustin sent a ton of gorgeous cardboard.

Vintage!!! I completely remember that sticker from many years ago. I also remember it from about 24 hours prior to getting it from Dustin, as Kerry sent the exact same sticker in his package. Different backs, though. Plus, I never knew of a small round version of the UD hologram stickers.

Great additions to my slowly growing player collections of Buerhle, Iguchi and Crede. And no Nick - you cannot have the Buerhle at bat card either. Get your own!!! Yeeeeeeesh.

Goooooooooooooooooooold. Okay, the Pierre is a cognac, but you get the idea. And lastly...

Podzilla bat. Wonder if he used that bat to smack the walk off in game 2 of the 2005 World Series? Sorry about the video, Dimwit. What do you think, my other wonderful, loving wife?

 He walked off, and I walked into your arms, pumpkin!

Great trade, Dustin. Your cards have been mailed, so keep your eyes open.

Alright, all my trades have been posted. Let's celebrate with another edition of Repack Wars in the coming days. I think it's a good idea, too. Until then....


  1. "Before you know it, you are face down in the gutter free-basing red bordered parallels. " This made my day!!

  2. The band Paw does a great cover of that Atlanta Rhythm Section song.