Tuesday, March 19, 2013

With live cultures.

First off - to you that is reading: Thanks. Really. I am sure half the crap I type is grammatically poor, and the rest is just inane ramblings, but thanks for reading. I say that because I wanted to show off a few cards I received from another non-blogger. James, who goes by the name "mrhavercamp" at The Bench (I think that link is valid), emailed me after my mini sorting to snag up some cards he needed for insert sets and a frankenset. He had some minis for my want lists, and offered to throw in a White Sox giveaway set sponsored by yogurt producers Dannon. Talk about your no brainers.

From the logo at the bottom right on the back, my guess is these are from 1996. Simple design. The back is interesting, as it breaks out the players stats by ball park. Check it out.

So thanks James for a great oddball set that's pretty basic in look, but 30 well appreciated cards. Look up James on The Bench and strike up a trade with him. He did include one other card, but that is for a future post.