Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Big Sort: missed vintage

In may of the trades I have made, the generosity of bloggers has been awesome. Before blogging, I had just a couple vintage cards, and I had them....well, I am not sure how I got them. I have received cards from the 60's, 70's and early 80's from many people, and I do my best to keep those separate from the "newer" White Sox - late 80's and up. But it appears a couple slipped through my fingers and into the depths of that monster box.

Yummy! Dig the photo shopping on the Nixon card. My guess - ex-BoSox.

Nailed it. And I was going to quiz you with the trivia on the '64, but it's kind of revealed.

You can see that Topps really did a great job in their Heritage line this year. While they had (for whatever reason) to jam the registered trade mark next to the team name, it's so very small it hardly detracts from the cards beauty. Now, just bring back the bad photo shopping to remove the Nike mark of the beast from the player's necks and the world will be in harmony again.

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  1. I think that Dave Nicholson card is a dupe for you.. know I've seen it in another of your posts.