Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Couple more envelopes.

For those that care, I have finished the organization of my mini purchase - come back on Friday for my post about the treasures within. Until that day, though, I want to highlight a couple recent envelopes received at 2x3Heroes headquarters.

Check out the new cubicle walls!

First is an envelope from Kyle (and Chris) with the awesome Old Foul Cardboard We've turned into PWE pals it appears as a few cards trickle back and forth between us. Kyle's latest envelope had these two beauties within.

I never pull these borders for my own team, so I am so thankful when others pull and mail them to me. Just need the greens for these two and I will finish the easy rainbow for the players. The camo, pink, black..... that will take work (and money). Kyle - watch your mailbox. And for those that are looking for an easy place to send your Yankee and Bruin cards, you need to get with Chris.

New trading partner for the other envelope to highlight. Matt from Card Anathema sent me an email with an offer of some Ginter cards I have on my want list. Off of his want lists I was able to send him a few Olympic cards and a few others. Matt helped me knock eight cards from my 2011 set, including these two.

Those code cards are funky, but I am just putting anything to complete the set. With the pseudo right wing uproar about Michele at the Oscars, funny how there was no uproar about Dubya in Ginter. I'll leave my liberal bias for another blog. Thanks Matt. I am sure this will be the first of many trades.

Ok. Come back Friday for the mini closure. If you notice the mini trade bait I added in the bar, feel free to browse and email about cards. Took a week, but check out the spoils.

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  1. Never got into Barenaked Ladies much. Perhaps I'm ruining the spirit of the event by commenting on so many posts. My apologies.