Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another great mail....week

One of the great pleasures of working from home, besides all the things you guys can imagine of the great pleasures of working from home, is knowing when the mail comes. And when you see the mail lady drop mail, then come back 3 minutes later because she forgot to deliver something.... oh, you KNOW it's going to be an awesome walk indeed. Some great packages have come in over the pasts few days, and I would be remiss if I failed to not only share the spoils, but give props to the great bloggers that trade with me.

First up is Brian from the great read over at 30-Year old Cardboard. Brian made a generous offer of some the the extras he had from ripping open 2013 Topps product. In the image of the post sat a White Sox Target border card. I just had to have it. One quick request and Brian not only sent that card, but a few others from the stack that fit my needs list.

Good to know that Yonder is a throwback, so I will need a 2nd for the binder. Thanks a ton for the cards, Brian. Your recent post has finally solved my issue of what to send back, so be on the lookout.

Next up is Pat at Hot Corner Cards. Pat is my Tigers drop point, as after an amazing trade package from him, I dumped every single Tigers cards I could find (at the time) on him. Needless to say, with recent purchases and Repack Wars, I am ready for The Dump v2.0.

Meeting here.

Pat dropped a PWE on me with the following three cards.

Two more White Sox Chasing History off the list. The best part is there are too damn many parallels of these cards, so while I have both, I DON'T have both. Make sense? It does in my head. And the A&G is a card that while I own, I have been wanting to send it out for a TTM. Now I have no fear should DeWayne not return it. Thanks Pat - watch your mailbox.

Last for today is Matt over at Once A Cub. While Matt gets my utmost sympathy for being a Cubs fan, his blog is awesome, and his custom cards are simply amazing. If you have yet to visit and follow him, you are missing out on a great blogger. I always liked his site, and after what he sent back in return for a Cubs gold drop, I love the guy even more. I don't think I will be a Cubs fan, but maybe I'll bite my tongue when I talk about the Cubs at times in the future.

I was born on a pirate ship ....

First from the envelope.

2012 Update card of Anthony Bass. Nothing to you. Completion of the Update set to me. YES!

Luis Aparicio Masterpiece? Yes please. Chris Sale Walmart border? Yes please. And that Thomas? Never saw that card before. The scan does it no justice, and the one's on COMC are hard to view as well. But it's a 2001 Fleer Futures Characteristics. Lots of Japanese (or Chinese) characters on the face of the card. And the corners are naturally rounded. It's way better in person than the scan.

The final card - oh just this boring mini from 2012 Allen and Ginter.

Wait - did I say boring?

WOWZA!!!! My second red back, hand numbered Ginter. And a low numbered card in my collection that is FINALLY a White Sox player. I was shocked to pull this, and only after opening the envelope did I see that Matt had just gotten this card from a discount blaster. Why do my discount blasters suck so much? You are the best, Matt. I have that 2nd bunch of cards heading to you tomorrow. 

Good envelope ripping for sure. One more trade package to share tomorrow. I hope me talking about them doesn't bore you. Whatcha going to otherwise - exercise or something?


  1. Your blasters don't suck, they're full of Cubbie Gold!!! From now on, I'll pick yours for you if you'll pick mine...

  2. Ok, I did the tongue-holding thing.. I GET IT!