Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catching up...

The past week or so has been quite the torrent of mail here at 2x3Heroes headquarters. Over that time I have received a dozen envelopes/packages with cards.

Now, 3 of them were eBay or Listia pickups. Nothing too exciting, though I will probably revisit what I received in the near future. Maybe on a day I am dying to write but out of ideas. However, it is important I focus on the awesome trades and PWEs that have made the postal worker turn her truck around and come back to my mailbox because of a package or two that were forgotten.

There are 9 total mailings from bloggers/readers and I want to be certain that each gets recognition for what they sent. I won't beat you all down in one post, so I'll spread this out over a couple. Enough of my jib-jab. Here they are in no particular order.

First off, I have two separate mailings from Chris over at Nacho Grande. Chris is one of the easiest to trade with. He always has something great, though myself (and Night Owl) are starting to find his want lists harder and harder to fill. The two mailings from Chris all contained minis. The first were a couple of minis he offered that filled holes in my 2012 A&G binders.

I had to make the cocker stand on his head. But these two sets are close to done. Then, after my monster mini purchase, I had a few 2011 A&G insert sets that were short a few cards. Luckily, Chris had all the cards I needed to complete 4 of the 5 sets, and traded them for some Lego mini figures. How awesome that minifig packages are equal to A&G minis??? Anyway, here are the 4 sets that Chris helped me finish.

I didn't think much about completing these sets, and have traded away a few of the cards in the past year. But I was so close that I needed to fill the pages, and Chris came through. BTW - the bottom "Uninvited Guests" location? I lived not too far from there, & it's still maybe 30 min from my house. So thanks a bunch Chris - your minifigs are mailing tomorrow.

Next is Nick from the awesome Dime Boxes. Nick is great cuz he is a fun read, and also since he lived maybe 45-50 min from me, I can drop PWEs on him at will. Nick returned the favor with these beauties last week.

Can you believe that is the first Pacific card in my collection? I have none before. The Danks I must have pulled the base version at least 8 times, but never the sparkle. And Youk....well, it's Youk. Thanks again Nick. And yes, I have another bunch of cards for you soon. Deal with it!

Pat at Hot Corner Cards is still maybe a bit of a noob with his blog, but a guy you should contact and trade with. We have had a couple great trades, and I think I dropped a PWE on him a while back of a couple cards he needed. Pat returned the favor by knocking a few cards off my 2013 Topps needs list. A couple of the gems?

Double play and high cuffs!!! That is a great DP card. I don't need to tell you (or GCRL) that. Thanks again, Pat.

Next up is Brian. Brian runs......well, that's just it. Brian doesn't blog. Brian is a frequent reader of a lot of our blogs, but hasn't stepped in the innerweb of self promotion. Dude, that has to change. Brian took part in my Christmas giveaway and then asked about a few cards on the PWE trade page. I gave him a few extra, cuz that's how a roll.

To the contrary!

So Brian dropped a PWE on me with a few ChiSox tucked within.

Nice vintage Baines. And no, Nick - you cannot have the Navarro auto card. Find your own! So thanks, Brian. Now, get blogging or else.

A first time trade happened with Roy at Plain Gray Swatch. Roy contacted me about something on my trade bait page. This was another of those "I read your blog - how have we never traded before" kind of things. Roy's package was loaded with fun.

HAWKS!!! Yeah, I know they have a two game losing streak right now. Still best record in the NHL so suck it, Plaschke. Roy had 9 total Blackhawks card in the envelope.

Oh all the shiny, chrome-y goodness!! I will take all the Sale I can find, and I had yet to find that Topps Chrome rookie. Ditto on the Reed Bowman. And a rare ChiSox gold. And the highlights?

A Fisk Blockbuster I needed for '12 Update and a nice Buerhle relic. Gorgeous. Thanks a ton, Roy!

Moving to the frigid north, I sent a couple Twin cards to the Rhubarb Runner at the curiously named é rayhahn rayhahn. In the one trade we had, RR made the comment to "feel free and send him any Twins cards I didn't want". So I did. Evil, evil Twinkies. He sent me a few Chisox that were "stinking up his box". Yeah, cuz you wouldn't want your boxes to smell like roses and bacon. :)

Boy I like that UD First Pitch. Never seen that set before, but I like the style. And a Zenith Big Hurt that is no longer missing from my collection. Might have some more Twins for you, RR. And thanks!

Let's finish part one with a real noob, Bryan at Golden Rainbow Cards. Matt from Once a Cub turned me on to his new blog, and conveniently, the first post I read talks of a gold Konerko he pulled from a 2013 pack of Topps. It was a hard driven deal to get Bryan to trade me that card for some '13 Topps color borders. Something said like "hey, wanna trade?" And Bryan goes "Sure."

Yummy Konerko gold. And I now have the gold foil of the Dunn Chasing History. Two versions down. Like what - 17 or 18 to go? #realniceTopps

Anyway, sorry for the length, but be sure to check out the blogs ('cept one) of these trades. I am sure you can work out deals with them. And if you see Brian lurking in your comments, pressure that guy to start blogging. Offer him Skittles or something.


  1. Wow, that's quite the variety of trades there! Glad you liked the envelope I sent.

    I am a little jealous of that Navarro, though. :)

    That Bachelor's Grove Cemetary card is in my collection, too. I don't live all that far from the place. A few of my friends in high school went there one night. I'm not into all the supernatural stuff, but even I'm a little freaked out by it.

  2. Roses and bacon - ha!

    Glad you could use 'em. Thanks again ;)

  3. Oh man, how did I not know that Bow Wow Wow song was a cover?!