Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Big Sort: And so it begins.

I talked a few days ago about the mess that I like to refer to as "my White Sox collection". I figured out what I could use for a table in my card room, so I began the long task of organizing. I figured during the sort I would find many gems, and it didn't take long to find two cards that finally answer a question that has bugged me for months.

Hopefully, you know my love of stirrups and high cuffs. Pajama pants look like total crap. Dress like a ballplayer, not like a bum.

Now pitching - ball player. Now batting - slob. 

While I have been searching and setting aside cards featuring properly attired players, one position has failed to appear - catcher. Now, if I was to determine the first position that would adopt longer pants, I would say the catcher. I'm sure the shin guards feel more comfortable without bloused pants. Yet, we all know a good 30 years ago, pajama pants were the exception and not the norm. Another known is that, up until he retired, Pudge Fisk always wore stirrups. 

Pictured - Hall of Fame ball player.

Now granted, I could Google image search and find a photo of Fisk with high cuffs while behind the plate. But those are not a baseball cards. I need to find a card that can put official scorer's position #2 in the high cuffs binder.

Pictured - greatest dressed Hall of Fame player.

Less than an hour in and paydirt. Many many stacks to go, but the sorting can only get better, right?

My poor eyes.


  1. I still catch, and when catching, wear the pants down to the ankles.

    When batting, I pull them up.

    You kind of have to have them down so the lower bits of the shin guards fit properly and don't produce too many dangling elastic triplines. Its a comfort thing, too, and they can eventually erode through a pair of socks.

  2. That's one of my top five favorite Corey Hart songs, hands down.