Friday, March 15, 2013

Sign on the dotted line

Autographs? Why yes, I would love some autographs.

These three come from two recent packages I received. The Lance and the Fasano come from the ever awesome Jaybarkerfan. He recently ran a "claim it" post with cards that just require a return card or so. Even though Lance has been a bust, the guy knows how to sign his name. And Sal? Well, you know Sal attends my church, right? You would know if you viewed the Billy Pierce Project page. This is auto #2 I have of Sal. Check out the number - 5750/5750. Not just an eBay 1/1 but a SICK 1/1!!!!

Really? You are going there?

The Roenick comes from Kyle, who I do not believe runs a blog. But Kyle grabbed a card off my trade bait page and offered up a hand signed JR card. Heck yeah I'll take that. The auto compares very well to certified autos on eBay, so I have no doubt it is genuine. Thanks Kyle.

Both your mails are on their way.


  1. When I think of songs called "Sign on the dotted line" I think of Jeff Mangum covering Chris Knox.