Saturday, March 16, 2013

Repack Wars: Revenge of the Donruss

It's been almost a month since I ripped over 20 packs of random goodness. I have been busy getting 2013 Heritage cards (which I love btw), but even I need a break. So how about it? Twenty packs from my local Walmart? Sure - let's do this!!! Standard rules apply - best card in the pack.

Gotta have your pack of 09 OPC, so let's get this crappy pack out of the way first. The usual garbage was inside, but a stadium card saved the pack.

07 Fleer Ultra. Another pack of great photos. Just really blah players. Cuddyer won out cuz....well, I really can't explain. Mental coin flip probably.

11 Topps Update. Great framing in this card. Look close, and you can almost see him falling apart.

Back one release to the 11 Topps series 2. Good pack of commons, except for a hometown sparkle of Floyd. Silver and black just work so well.

Another 2011 release by Topps - this being Heritage. BLAAAAAHH pack. Choo gets the nod because he is a short print. Not saying much, cuz Shoo's card is pretty crappy.

2011 Topps flagship trifecta in the box with a series 1 pack. A Mel Ott Kimball mini loses out to this nice action shot of Ciriaco making the relay to first.

Two packs of 09 UD Heroes were in the box. The first was a bit of a tough call, but this Dye beats out a black Wade Bogg card.

Pack 2? It was a harder call, as it was a pretty lame pack. I'm going with Dandy Don Larsen here. Hey - the Sox beat the Yanks on the card, so it was a very good day.

2009 UD Icons. I talk a lot of the great framing in recent Topps releases. UD shows what crappy framing looks like. Best card in a bad pack.

2007 Topps hobby edition. Bunting? Yes. High cuffs? Yes. Best card? By far.

09 UD Goodwin. I do love this set. This pack was a good set filler pack, but the Moose is still a sweet card. Moose and the stare down. "Throw it at me - I dare you!"

2007 Goudey. First time I ever pulled a pack of these from a repack. Not too shabby a pack with a Thome and a Griffey. This is the first of the cartoon cards I have in my collection, so I choose you!

Talk about oddball. Here is the 2nd pack that is new to repacks - 2008 Tri Star Projections. To be blunt: the cards suck. Such a waste of white space. The best part of this card is the pitched ball being in the shot. Otherwise, this is not a pack you want to rip. Ever.

Oddball pack #3 is 1998 Score. Yes Nick - this McLemore card you can have.

2002 Donruss Originals. Final weird pack is actually pretty sweet. Total Heritage ripoff, but done really well. Sure it's a Cubbie, but that card just works really well, with the stirrups and the background.

2011 Topps Lineage. Here's a set I need to get a want list up. Sparkle Tris wins out over modern players.

Another pack of UD Icons. At least there is a hit, and a decent one in my mind. Which is good, cuz the rest of the pack? Let's move on.....

2010 Topps series 2. There was a CYMTO of Robin Yount, but I like the timing of this photo. Snapped just after the slide, so the dust is still floating about. Niiiiiiice.

Back to a pack of 11 Topps series 2 I almost went with the Carlos Lee (that sound you hear is Dimwit falling to the floor and laughing uncontrollably). Instead, we have Strasburg and Zimmerman.

2007 US Masterpieces. Man I love this set. This pack was a tough call. It has the Gehrig card in it. You know the photo - head down as the mic announcing his retirement. Iconic image for sure. I have it on my wall to the right of me as I type. But how many cards show Bucky F***ing Dent breaking the hearts of the Red Sox nation? This one does.

Are you doing the math? If so, this is image #21. Yup - I got a bonus pack in the repack box. Another 07 Masterpieces. Great shot of Campy collecting his MVP award.

Alright. My final impression was meh on this box. Some nice packs I have not scene before, but nothing big. Lot of cards will go out in trade packages. Until next time...


  1. I would indeed like that McLemore card if you can spare it. Not a bad repack overall, nice that you pulled a numbered White Sock out of your break, I never have that kind of luck with the Cubs.

    That Tris Speaker diamond parallel is fantastic as well!

  2. I think I'd be happy with that selection of packs. I like 5ball (Cuddyer) for his photography. Still feel cheated by Prior's unfortunate injuries. Has he given up yet?

  3. Lineage was an interesting one-and-done product.