Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Listia....

I am certain you all know who/what Listia is. Yes - I have "purchased" a few items over there. I have listed a couple, and should get some more up there for the main reason that I just don't like the items. I usually only browse the "sports cards" section, trying to find deals, and usually finding anything but. Maybe the steals and deals were a while back, because some of the things I find on Listia just amazes me.

The idea is that Listia doesn't use money, which is to say it does, if you want to purchase credits. You can earn credits through free actions (surveys mostly), but the only other way to get credits is to buy them outright from Listia, earn them through a purchase from a 3rd party vendor, or gain them from other people when you sell. Try as they may, there is a dollar amount attached to these credits. Sure, you have a way to earn some free, but these credits are just like the chips at a casino - a representation of real money. So in that train of thought, some of the things you find for sale just blow my mind. If you look at Listia's "buy now" of credits, you can, with simple math, say that $1 in Listia-land converts to 300 credits. Yes, you can buy in bulk to get that ratio different, but that will be my watermark in the basis of this post. Also, forgive me quoting Becketts, but we need some kind of firm-ish base to compare against.

Here are a few recent auctions that were on Listia and really made me scratch my head as to how much the seller is either incredibly stupid, or hopes the buyer is.

Let's start with a 1977 Topps card of the amazing superstar Milt May. I know, that was mean to say, as Milt was anything but a great star. But when the cost of a middle career card is over $6.50, he must be great, right? Not when Beckett considers this a common worth 12 cents.

OH MAN!!! A whole sealed set of Fleer update for the low price of $25. This thing is LOADED with rookies, cuz it must to be priced that high, eh? Just a Big Hurt rookie, worth two bucks at best in a set that is only valued at 4 bucks.

Okay - a 300 win pitcher. Hall of famer. Card issued the year after he won #300. Worth $16.66? Not for a card that you should pull from a dime box.

Oh look, a buy it now price of $50 for a $10 gift card. GIVE ME 20 OF THEM! I would ask for more, but I am saving my credits for the Brooklyn Bridge when it gets listed.

Math...math...math. That comes out to over $133 for a blaster of Chrome. My Target and Walmart are losing money selling them for just $20.

This auction is the one that started my crazy seller hunt on Listia. 222,222 credits for a signed 1969 Rollie Fingers card. It is in a hard case, but not authenticated nor graded. If you haven't done the math in your head, let me save you the trouble - 740 dollars, 74 cents. Becketts puts this card at $40 in mint condition. I wonder if Mr. Fingers realizes his autograph is worth $700.

Listia - the crazier version of eBay.


  1. I had to stop listia, too many stupid people and it was more trouble than it was fun anymore.


  2. Those '77 Tigers have been there forever and will probably be there 20 years from now.

    Also, anything in a sealed pack seems to be license to list it for a zillion points.

    That said, I am still finding great stuff on that site a number of months in and have no plans to quit. In fact, I find ebay more annoying.

    1. No it's those sellers who are so greedy to desire/demand so many credits from other people which most people would not even consider to buy. can you trust a listia stranger member?

  3. Don't forget that some of the higher "prices" are because the seller offers free shipping.

  4. I've noticed more and more wild Listia auctions in recent months. Those Tigers cards seem to be up every time I check the listings.

    That being said, I've still been able to find some good deals here and there off Listia in the past couple weeks.

  5. Yes if you buy credits they cost $3 for 100. But they are so easy to get why would you ever do that? When I drink Coke I list the reward points. It cost me nothing for those credits. There is no shipping involved, I just email the codes. People on Listia love 70s and 80s stars. Got old McGwire and Conseco cards sitting around? I did, they were worth nothing to me but I can get around 1000 credits for each of them on Listia.

    Yes there are some horrible auctions on there but the good ones far outweigh the bad ones. Check my blog on Friday; I have a post scheduled about something I won recently that was one heck of a steal.

  6. I think most Listia auctions used to start at 1 credit. Now they can start for any amount, even if it is completely unreasonable. Which is why the 1989 Topps Ed Hearn card is always available. It's mine for a mere 600 credits (and keeps getting relisted for the last 2 months at least).

  7. Listia people do not know which item should really be high credits and which should be low credits, they only want to get a lot of credits from people.

    listia people are mad crazy dreamers - they think their cheap thin shit rubbish items trash items can turn into big money by their stupid description. they even set HIGH GIN THAT NOBODY WOULD EVEN GO BID. and finally sellers lost!

  8. Lots of listian are GREAT BIG DREAM on head, they want credits they not want spend too much cash, so turn to set HIGH in GIN which actually nobody would even bid on their items and wasted time auctioning.