Monday, December 31, 2012

The year in two parts: part one - where we've been

As 2012 comes to a close, I am going to take the time, like other bloggers, to go back through the year and see where 2x3 Heroes has been, and then get an idea where it will go in 2013. We'll talk about 2013 tomorrow. Let's see how I did here in 2012.

So looking back on this little part of the 1s and 0s of cyberspace I created 8 and a half months ago, I had no goals. Nothing. I was just jumping into this group of people that I had been reading and watching for a few months and decided to join up with the group. The only real goals I had mentally noted to myself were to get better focused on my collecting and to get more organized. After that, everything was gravy.

Sweet, succulent gravy....
 So looking back, there aren't that many goals I can say I achieved, as I didn't set a single one. I can tell you that will change for 2013, but for this year, let's just look at what I accomplished and give it a grade. I'm going old school in my grading too - E, S, N, and U. If you don't know what those are, you are young, let me tell you. Or Canadian.

At least you're not Dutch. Oh yeah.....right.

So here goes my grading:

Blogging: I never made any mental plan on when or how often I would write. If it hit me, I would write. If not, I wouldn't force it. Trust me, I can write some crap. But somehow, 42 of you follow me, and that's nice. I believe there may be more that never hit the follow button but still read me on a regular basis. I hope I make a visit to 2x3 Heroes enjoyable. I certainly try. grade = E

Posts: Again, no plan on how many times I would post. I've published 150 posts since I started, about one every other day. Not too bad. I have 3 fairly recurring features (Sunday Stuff I Like, Throwback Thursdays and Repack Wars). For those that care, here are my top three viewed posts:

Honorable mention: A non-Ginter post - 228 views
3rd most viwed: Special Edition SIL: a tremor in the Force - 247 views (helped with a FB plug from Ben)
2nd most viewed: Obilgatory 2012 Topps Archives Post - 260 views (my personal favorite post - this is me in a nutshell)
Most viewed: It's the 'Merry Christmas' post - 518 views (driven by Strong Bad I am positive)

grade = S

Purchases: I wanted to stop being so flighty and get focused on what I like, as well as getting what I have turned into what I like. I was always buying just a pack here and there, never really committing, and in that I would fail to get anything. So I worked on buying just what I liked, and keeping away from the things that gave me no thrills. grade = S

Collection: One of the main unwritten goals was to get my collection in order. So I worked to a) organize what I have, b) organize what I don't want, c) let people know what I have I don't want and d) add to my collection. Part a is still a work in progress. I have a LOT of White Sox cards to get sorted and listed out - grade N. Part b was a big move to understand what I have and know which I want to get into other hands. I still have a bit more to organize, but I am well on the way - grade S. Part c is out there in both my trade bait and my PWE trade pages. I am hoping to get some more inquiries on either of them, mainly because I just don't want those cards! Readers should ask about stuff, I'm pretty open - grade E. Part d I did very well on. I expanded my Pierce collection greatly. I added a lot of cards to my Sox wants. I'm content. So we have N, S, E, E. Overall grade = S+

Trades: I have over 25 trades made during the year. Again - I had a goal of nothing, so I think I did well. I know I have a couple trades I still need to post (if I even remembered to scan the cards), but I did flip a lot of what I have into what I want. I did pretty well. grade = E

Community: This is probably an odd choice many of you are thinking, but I think it's an important one. How well you are viewed in the community of bloggers, your presence, your attitude, your trustworthiness - that matters. My mental goal was to somehow fit it. Find my place in the group and fill the hole to the best of my ability. My holiday giveaways were my way of thanking you that would take the time to click on a link to my posts. Granted, you may have closed the tab instantly (and who would blame you), but as I said above, thanks for reading. grade = E

I'll end there. Tomorrow, I'll talk about my goals for 2013. If this cold I have doesn't kill me before then.

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