Friday, December 14, 2012

Winner: Tis the season song contest.

I wasn't surprised I went to the hints to help with a couple songs. I wonder if those that read the hints page noticed I basically put the answers right above the YT video:

All these songs were released during my generation - nothing older than me. The Who reference pointing to Pete Townsend

Granted, it's a wild web I weave in this contest. Webb Wilder for Human Cannonball.

Talk to Joey at your LCS or Johnny at Walmart if you are stumped. Two of the founding members of the Ramones

Just take the time to mate specific sections of the song and you will find the solution. Mate = breed = the Breeders

I wonder if Mitt Romney has any of these songs on his iPod? :) Mitt's Mormon, just like the Osmonds.

Once a Cub came in with the right answers. Well played - cards are in the mail. Ok - enough - just rock out to the answers. Remember the Ginter boxes are given away tonight a minute before midnight. And I'll tell you that at this time, we have only two winners. Yes - one person will be getting two years of Ginter unless someone sneaks in a better guess.

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