Friday, December 7, 2012

Trades 25 & 26: want list beatdowns

If you are wise enough to put yourself on the Sports Card Blogroll, there is a great chance to get traffic over to your site. I know I hit the link a good 5 or 6 times a day. While I have my regular haunts, I am always going through the post feed for anything that catches my eye, as long as they have not rolled off the list. Routinely, I will add a new blog to my personal feed at least a couple times a week. Lots of great writers that entertain me, and make me jealous. Mostly for their collections, and partially because they are fun to read, and I am a monkey with a computer.

That being said - getting a reader there is the start. Keeping them is the trick. Again, I think good content helps. Entertaining bits of prose. Fun crap to share is good. Want lists are a good way to suck me into a blog. Here are two trades that developed from my lists. One is from a newcomer (see "rolled off list" comment above) and the other is from a site that I have read plenty, and some how, never followed (see "monkey with computer" comment above).

Let's start with Pat over at Hot Corner Cards. He is new enough with his blog, so I can see how I have missed reading it. But Pat paid my site a visit and let me know he could help out with me '12 Update needs. Pat is a Tigers collector, so for a ChiSox guy to find someone to take some Tigers off my hands is a good thing indeed. :) Pat didn't stop with Update though. Oh no he didn't. "Hey Jeff - I got some '07 Ginter you need". When the mail arrived, it was not "some". How about 83 cards worth? According to the book, that is called "murdering the list". Pat easily halved my '07 A&G needs. I won't scan all nearly 100 cards in the box I received. How about the three best '07 Allen and Ginter cards now in my collection?

I had no clue Bruce Lee was in '07 Ginter. I do know someone is about to get their butt kicked by him in that card, though. The Willingham is here because I like the color of the card. All the colors are muted, and it works well. Mule Miles is Negro League. I need not explain why this card is cool.

The other package came from Jim with the cool named Garvey Cey Russell Lopes blog. It's a blog I have viewed many times, and for some dumb reason I never added it to my follow list. Jim started with a simple PWE request, and then reminded me that he was holding some cards for my 2001 UD Hall of Fame set. I completely forgot about that email he had sent a good 6 weeks prior. Jim was good enough to remind me, and a simple PWE turned into a bigger trade. It's nice to spread the Dodger wealth beyond the Gregs (Night Owl and Plaschke). Jim knocked 9 off my HOF set. Here's just a sample.

What's not to love about that? Think Cooperstown, WITH the logos. Then Jim tossed in a some White Sox for me. Best three?

I am not familiar with that SP year, but it's a welcome addition. Black Jack is always good and I am certain I don't have that card. And then Kruk rockin' the mullet.

Make sure to visit their sites and see if you can work up a trade. Two great trades with two great bloggers.

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  1. outta sight! thanks for the trade jeff. and yes, it is true - not all dodgers need to go to night owl.