Monday, December 10, 2012

Tis the season: how about some free stuff?

For those that clicked here, I am certain the phrase "free stuff" more get the hit on the link instead of "Tis the season". That's ok - I am just glad you are here.

Yes - it is the season where, if only for a few days, we stop being total jerks to each other and maybe we give a smile and a helping hand to our fellow man. As long as it's not on Black Friday when you are wrestling over the last $150 Acer laptop. Here at 2x3 Heroes, I passed 100 posts a month or so back, along with over 5000 page views. I was going to do a contest, but then I thought I would expand it into a giving season. I want to spread the joy of giving to all those that read my words.

Ok - I got a lot of crap, alright? There, I said it! I thought about it, and figured "why not just clear out some boxes with giveaways". And that is not a typo - I am talking plural. I will be running a few posts with free stuff. You win - you get. Simple, right?

Now I am sure you are thinking "ok, what's the rules?" That's the thing, there are none. If you follow my blog, thanks. If you don't, I'm cool with that. You have an equal chance as the next person to score freebies. If you want to promote it on your blog, thanks again. But you will not gain anything extra if you do. Cut to the chase: this blog is nothing special. It's fun for me. I try and be funny, flip stuff I have into stuff I want and make good cyber friendships. This is not a site for fine prose and award winning journalism. Followers? Page hits? A Jedi craves not these things. This is my corner of the electronic world to run around and act like a goof.

Goofing successful!

So come back for the fun and get some free stuff. Now, some of the giveaways will be larger, but I plan on a card giveaway that should get just about every commenter something in their mailbox. Unless I have WAY more readers than followers. Even if that happens, I'll figure out something. 

Ok, enough jib jab, today's giveaway: GIIIIIIIINNNNTTTTEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR! I have a bunch of Allen and Ginter from past years that eat up space in a box. None of them are anywhere near a complete set (I am working on those separately), and there are dupes inside. If you have been thinking of starting something Ginter-wise, or need cards, then go after these three boxes:

What you see are boxes with 2007, 2008 and 2011 A&G base, and maybe an insert or two. I can tell you the 2011 has a dozen or less 2010 A&G cards in them. Look close and you see a Topps gold parallel from the respective year on each box - you get that card too. We have an 07 Scott Proctor, 08 Jerrod Washburn and a 11 Omar Infante. And it's simple - guess the serial on the card and win the box. Closest wins. Over or under - doesn't matter.  Don't bother looking at the PWE trade page, or even a cached copy of it. These cards have never been posted there.

In the comments, put the year and your card guess. Remember the cards are numbered to the year of the release. And I will give you a hint - none are the first or the last card of the year. Hey, I narrowed that 2007 to 2005 possible cards - you can thank me later! It's Monday the 10th. I will take entries until Friday the 14th at 11:59PM Central time (Chicago rules with it). 

Oh - and giveaways may cross over each other. I haven't decided a specific day for each freebie, so if you see the subject line with "Tis the season", it's a giveaway post. Alright Jeff...enough ramblin'.

**UPDATE** - I screwed up a bit on this. You can make a guess on ALL THREE! My point was list the year, guess the serial. Then list the next year, guess that serial. List the last and guess that one. Yes - you could win all 3 boxes. I'll email those that have guessed already to update their guesses, if they want. And you can only pick one or two and guess those if you want.


  1. 2007, serial number 219/2007.

    Thanks for the contest!

  2. 2007: 0189/2007
    2008: 0365/2008
    2011: 1989/2011

  3. For the other two, I'll guess the following:

    2008: 1928/2008
    2011: 0919/2011

    Thanks again!

  4. in an odd coincidence, all three cards are numbered 272/20xx

  5. I'll try 2007: 144, 2008: 244, 2011: 344

  6. Thanks for the contest!

    2007 - 873
    2008 - 912

  7. 2007: 255/2007
    2008: 555/2008
    2011: 1112/2011