Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tis the season: Game show edition **HINTS**

Granted, I got some interesting musical tastes. Throw my playlist on shuffle and you could get an interesting selection. So in this thread the songs in the challenge are not very run of the mill. I will tell you this about the clips of the 5 songs:

* 3 of the songs have charted on the Billboard charts - in 1972, 1985 and 1993
* one of the songs comes from a pioneer of a certain music genre who has never had a charting hit above 60 on the Billboard charts
* 3 of the songs are from bands, while the other two are from single named artists, though one of those 2 is more known for his work with a hugely successful band
* in no particular order, the artists are from Utah, New York, Boston/Ohio, London and Mississippi

All these songs were released during my generation - nothing older than me. Granted, it's a wild web I weave in this contest. Talk to Joey at your LCS or Johnny at Walmart if you are stumped. Just take the time to mate specific sections of the song and you will find the solution.

I wonder if Mitt Romney has any of these songs on his iPod? :)

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