Thursday, December 6, 2012

You've got mail.

HUGE mail day here at 2x3 Heroes. I mean, the mail here was so huge....

(How huge was it?)

It was so huge, the USPS had to change their health insurance to cover hunchbacks.

Really? You going with that one? Hunchbacks? Ok.

Two trade packages, and two purchases arrived today, one from eBay and the other my Black Friday COMC purchase.  I'll save the trades for a post tomorrow. Let's share my other prizes. EBay was a single pickup from Topps 5 star product. I have been watching a few auctions and finally sniped this card for under the cost of a blaster with shipping. 


Numbered 200 of 208. All I know is I didn't drop over 4 bills and snagged something I like. I'll keep trolling for other cards to add.

Now, at COMC, I picked up 19 cards for $20.28. Twenty bucks was a limit I put on myself. Sue me for the quarter and 3 pennies. Math, math, math....comes out to about a buck 7 a card. I'll avoid scanning the Ginter world's tallest (that complete the set) and the dogs and people of the Bible. Seen them all. First, I talked back about a blue Beckham relic I have. Well, I found out there are a couple more Sox relics of those same jerseys.

Both have the white stripe, though the Santos is right on the edge. If anyone knows of any other ChiSox relics from their blue throwbacks, gimme a yell.

I like weird. If I recall, these were one to a case? Saw them as low as a fin on eBay. So close to $10 with shipping. Mine from COMC - $2.64.

A couple for my slowly starting Crede PC. I like those Futures cards a bunch, and while the other isn't him in a Sox uniform, it is an on card auto. Less than two bucks pictured here.

C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! More for the Petrick collection. The 206s are the base and the Polar Bear and Piedmont minis. There is one more mini (Carolina Brights) but the only one on COMC was not getting any discount. Another autograph (my third) and a nice Fleer base.

And the main reason for COMC was to work on the Pierce Project. Three more marked off the list. That brings it to 13 of 28 cards - 46% complete.  This was my first purchase from COMC. I was a little confused about it, but finally figured out what I was not tracking properly and sure enough, the cards arrived.

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