Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You so silly!

Ever look at something a few times and never catch on, only to have a light bulb suddenly appear after the 20th time? I am sort of like that, except my light bulb is more snarky/sarcastic thoughts and attitude. My was refers to it as "a-hole". Well played, honey. Well played indeed.

I know a few of you read that about me & think "Nah. Not you, Jeff. You are kind and lovable". I have two responses. One - put down the Captain Morgan. And two - flattery will get you nowhere.

Rum. HA! Oh scotch, how do I love thee? Let me count....

So over the weekend, at my LCS pack wars, my wife liked the look of 2008 Goudey and bought a pack. You remember those - 8 cards to a pack, with one that was kind of a mini. Well, one of the cards was a black and white Peavy with little writing on the front.  Here are six of the other seven.

Ken Griffey sure is a chatter box about all these guys. Blah blah blah future star blah blah blah all time great blah blah blah. We get it, Junior. That leaves one card in the pack. If you pause long enough, you may be getting into my brain and predicting where I am heading with this. Good luck in my noggin by the way - 'tis a frightening place. But sure - let's reveal card #7.


At least the kid is modest. 

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