Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tis the season: Game show edition

Alright - let's head on back to the season of giving. For those unawares, you can check out the first giveaway here. You have time to get your guess in. I will say no one has nailed any of the boxes with a dead on guess, so you still have time to snipe one, two or all three boxes before the deadline.

Now, today's giveaway was more inspired by the contest than the prize. I wanted to have some fun, but didn't know what to tie this fun with. Ultimately, I did some digging through my binder and found not one, but two cards that scream "meh" to me. And for all I know, none of you will give a rat's behind about them and won't even try to win them. FINE!

Screw you all - I'm leaving!

 The winner of this giveaway wins not one, but two 2012 Topps autograph cards:

Marlon Byrd and Brad Peacock. They really don't fit in my personal binder, so hopefully one of you will desire them to pull out the victory and get these cards mailed to you. And how, you may ask? Well, I could make some lame tie in with them both being "birds" and then bring up the Yardbirds or something dumb like that to casually slide into the challenge, but nah. Cuz there are no birds in the challenge. There are no animals of any kind. What is in this post is music. Five snippets of music to be exact. First person to identify the 5 songs you hear, with the artist's name, wins. Gotta put your guess in the comments. I will tell you that all five songs have been on the radio at some time, if you have a good radio station. No hints at this time - if I see struggling, I'll put out a hint or two. Ready?


  1. I have no chance of winning, because I only recognized one of those songs. I figured I would throw out my guess just in case.

    The last one I remembered just from the video.

    Cannonball by the Breeders

  2. damn my speakers don't work on this computer, so I guess I'm out.

  3. I think I know 2-5, but having a heck of a time trying to figure out #1 with no lyrics. Sounds Genesis-y, almost like "The Knife", but not quite.

  4. All sounded familiar but these are my best guesses...

    Give Blood - Pete Townsend
    KKK Took My Body Away - Ramones
    Down by the Lazy River -Osmond Brothers
    Human Cannonball - Webb Wilder
    Cannonball - The Breeders

    1. Winner Winner chicken dinner. Wilson has a point that you did get the Ramones song incorrect, but I'll give you points for the typo.

      I have your address OAC, so I will get those cards out to you in the mail. And hey - Wilson. For being the uber cool grammar/song nazi, email me with your fav team or player and I'll send you a little something for your snarky attitude. :)

  5. I think Once a Cub got it while I was searching for the Pete Townsend song. Well played, sir. Unless I can correct "Body" to "Baby" for the win? ;)