Monday, December 3, 2012

So, how's your LCS?

I am so glad you guys asked. I understand some of you have a trek to get to a LCS, while others don't have one in any sort of decent radius. I am fortunate to be just 10 minutes away from a pretty decent shop - The Baseball Card King. And Saturday was their monthly raffle and pack wars night. So, how'd I do?

For starters, I totally got the time screwed up! Got there about 7, but it started at 6, so I missed the door prize and the raffles from the monthly purchases. It happens. I missed out of $20 pack wars, but was able to get in on the $50 (the hundred dollar was out of my range). Out of the six packs for the pack war, I did get a very nice hit.

Can't say I know the guy, but it's a dang sweet pull. I am still trying to figure out what part of the Leafs logo the patch is from. It's either the "R" from Toronto or the "P" from Maple - I am leaning towards the later.

BTW - someone in the $100 pack war won a mystery bat and pulled a Miggy. What a score.

I bought a couple hockey packs, Nothing much in one, but I did get a gimmicky Goalie Pull from a pack of Certified.

Nothing exciting. I spent the rest of the night ripping packs of Panini Cooperstown. I am liking this set a lot. I got a few sparkly cards (think Topps sparkle parallel) but did hit, on my last pack, a wood card.

I still can't find any idea of the card's rarity. Maybe one per box. Well, I have one, so there! And since I liked the cards so much, I went back to my LCS yesterday for some more Cooperstown. Finally found the auto that comes one per box.

It's not a sticker, which is nice. Granted, there are others in the list I would rather pull, but I won't complain over a WS champ manager. Next stop is a box of these. Hey Santa - ya listening? 

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