Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winner: Tis the season: Ginter box giveaway

Before we get to the winners, just a couple short words about the horrible CT issue. My words or actions here are in no means a callous attitude over what happened yesterday. I have two children, and while they are far older, I still worry about them daily. I am far more fortunate than many parents, in CT and in other places in the world, in that I was able to wake my child up this morning from a safe sleep (my other lives a few hundred miles away). Many parents don't get that next day with their child. I am thankful for each day with them.

That being said, we can get drowned in the pain of doing nothing but discussing the situation. That is not to say we ignore this - there must be meaningful talk very, very soon over both the gun control issue, and the mental health issue that were apparent in the senseless tragedy. At the same time, we cannot spend all our time going over this, sitting in our fear, pain and hurt. We, as people, have ebb and flow to our lives - up and down. We cannot be down always, and we cannot be up always either. We have to cry and we have to laugh. Smiling and laughing today is not a cruel heartless statement, just as anger on a day of immense joy is not something to be ridiculed. Tomorrow is another day, and while the pain will never leave us, we will learn to handle it as each tomorrow comes.

So don't take this post as "Jeff doesn't care". I do. I feel we have to keep living our lives and moving forward. I will pray with the rest of the country, and I will demand honest discussion to hopefully prevent this from happening again. I will not barricade myself in my home, though.

Ok - so the Ginter boxes. I like seeing many of you trying to snag these. Hey - free stuff is free stuff, am I right? So - who are the lucky three? Here are the backs of those cards.

And how about we zoom in on the three serial numbers?

So we have the 2007 as #721/2007, the 2008 is #508/2008 and the 2011 shows 1070/2011. The 2011 became the closest race, with the winner beating 2nd place by being just 2 numbers closer. And who gets the cards?

2007 goes to Joe Average Collector - he guessed 650, 69 numbers away.
2008 goes to Skroeker - he guessed 555, 47 numbers off.
2001 also goes to Skroeker - with a guess of 1121, 51 numbers off. He bested Richard Nebe 51 to 53.

Congrats to you both. Just one thing left - send me your mailing address. I don't recall having either of your house numbers, so shoot me your address at 2x3heroesATgmailDOTcom and I will get your cards out ASAP.

For the rest, I have two more card boxes I will be giving away, as well as the large "something for everyone" coming very soon. Keep watching for the "Tis the season" post subject for giveaways. Help me make room in my boxes.

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