Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Repack Wars: The Goudey Fights Back

Don't forget I am giving away some 2012 Archives and Heritage right here. It's like "The Price Is Right" - except you can go over and still win. Plus I am not some bow tie wearing Libertarian.


Love me a repack box. But you all know that. So, let's take another trip through a 20 pack repack box for a buck a pack. As before, I will pick the best card of the pack. And away we go...

First pack out of the box is a 2010 Allen and Ginter. Nothing too amazing, but I sure do like me this Sherlock Holmes card. That's what is fun about A&G - the non-baseball stuff.

A 2009 Goodwin Champions pack is next. While it has an A-Rod mini and a Fukudome (who?) rookie, I like this Sparky Lyle card. Nice mutton chops, Sparky!

2010 Topps Series 2 next up. It came down to a '62 Maris CYMTO or the George here. I gave the nod to Mr. Sisler. The Browns deserve some props once in a great while.

2008 Goudey. I like this set more and more each day. Going to pick this Cepada card over the Chippah, Pujols Hit Parade of Champs mini and a Yankee Stadium legacy of Ruth. This style just works with the older players. Plus, windbreaker under the uniform. +10 manna!

This 2008 Upper Deck X made for a tough pick of best card. I am going with the X4 insert of Josh here, mainly because it's an insert. I am sure I could have posted the Miggy die cut and no one would have argued.

2010 Topps Series 1 this time. Very blah pack for sure. When a stadium shot of Fenway that is celebrating the DH is the best card, the pack is kinda bland.

Here is Upper Deck's lawsuit-creating 2010 offering. I could have gone with a David Wright Portraits insert, but it's kind of ugly. So I am picking Pauly.

Another Upper Deck, this time 2008 Heroes. Sure, it had a black bordered Donnie Baseball, but Ripken wins every time.

Upper Deck hot box!!! No really - it's just 2008 Timeline. Another A-Rod, another Yankee Stadium legacy and a Mauer old-timey card. But I like the action short of Teixeira here, so it gets posted.

The card before this Feller is a CYMTO of a '64 Eddie Matthews. That card was going to be posted, until .0037 seconds later when this card showed itself. Two words: striped stirrups.

Back to Upper Deck, the legal 2008 Series 2 edition. I am slowly finding Presidential Predictors in the repack packs that are not in my collection. I had a decent amount, but I love getting more of these. Kick his ass, Hillary!

Another pack of Upper Deck X, but from 2008 this time. The insert was boring. The die cut was boring. Russell wins. Side note: The 20 packs garnered me a total of 3 Martin cards. All three have him looking up, tracking a pop up. Can any Dodger fan tell me if his neck is permanently in this position?

This 2010 Topps Update pack made for a very tough call. Lot of good looking cards in the pack. This is an awesome picture, and too good to not show up. These are the pictures that win awards.

2009 O-Pee-Chee. Groan. I really hate these cards. Ugly as all sin. It says a lot when I will post a card and have the word "good" in the same sentence with a Cubs player (Soriano in fact). In fact, I hate this set so much, let me show another card from the above pack with the Matsui...

See - tough to choose a Matsui over a killer Turkey Red of Ichiro, but I did.

2009 UD Icons. A set that doesn't thrill me. I could have posted the Russell Martin checking out airplanes card I got from this pack, but I'll go with Chad here. Mainly cuz the white of the uniforms pop against that blue and beige background.

The first of two pack of 2008 Topps Series 1. Nothing too great in this pack, so I went with Lofton getting all muddy stealing a base. Yeah - it was the best of the pack.

Pack 2 of the 2008 Topps was about equal in it's low level of excitement. Clint's hipster groove patch puts this card at the top of the pack.

Going back in time to 2006 Topps. It has a Pierzynski as the top card, and that would have won, until a Kinsler rookie card showed itself as the last card of the pack. Everything inbetween was meh.

2007 Topps. The stale gum came in a very close second to this nice shot of Mike Cameron robbing someone of at least extra bases. Maybe a dinger. But this pack stunk otherwise. 

Oh hell no! ***cancel upload*** I am NOT doing another crappy pack of OPC. Let's go back to that really nice pack of 2010 Update.

WAY better than OPC. This was another card that Matsui beat out. Told you that pack was a hard decision.


  1. Are you attached to the Pujols Hit Parade o' Chumps card? I need one for my stupid 2008 Goudey set.

  2. "Kick his ass, Hillary" WHOAHHH! Not a bad group of cards.

  3. Russ cards always feature a great photo, many of them like that one.